At CCA we emphasize on preparation. If  prep is not done properly, no pressure washing, mask around lights and sun screens rather than remove them, no caulking, no patching, just apply a thin coat of low grade paint, well then it can be painted in one day and wont cost as much but it wont look as good or last as long.  Cleaning, masking, caulking and patching often takes as long if not longer than applying the paint. CCA knows it is the preparation before applying the paint that sets painters apart and at CCA we are focused on giving you the best job at an affordable price. We'll paint your house like it was our own.
Being a stucco and painting contractor all in one company makes CCA the perfect choice to paint the exterior of your home because we make professional stucco repairs.
Why Use Us?
We power wash, caulk cracks and repair the stucco insuring you get a great job!
To often we have seen others make repairs with less than satisfactory results
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Sprayed Only
Brushing takes longer but notice the difference when the paint is worked in with a brush. We brush the outsides of fascia boards.